Evaluation criteria

Evaluators will mark eligible applications according to the following criteria. Applications must score a minimum of 10 points from each evaluator to be considered for funding.



How consistent is the project with the programme objectives and how effectively does it contribute to the desired impacts of career development and strengthened trans-national partnerships?

Is the individual researcher’s CV sufficiently well aligned to the relevance and quality of additional scientific training and complementary skills?

Is there a potential for acquiring competencies during the project to improve the prospects of reaching and/or reinforcing a position of professional maturity, diversity and independence at a high level, in particular through exposure to complementary skills training?

Do the planned collaboration and mobility activities support the programme’s objective of strengthened international and/or academia/industry/public partnerships?


Research & innovation quality:
Is the research and innovation internationally competitive? Does it conduct needs-driven research?

Is the research project original and innovative, and does it go sufficiently beyond the state of the art?

Do the goals, strategy and content of the research project include sufficient interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary aspects?

Does the research comply with the ethical rules of the programme?


What is the capacity and credibility concerning implementation of the proposed project?

Is the research project feasible in the proposed time period?

Does the host have sufficient supervisory staff and infrastructure to support the applicant?

Have alternative plans been considered in cases of unforeseen failures?


Does the project have the capacity to convert the collaboration into social benefits and/or commercial exploitation?

Does the career development plan lead to broader skills and enhanced career perspectives?

Does the research plan foresee appropriate dissemination activities, including publications and presenting at conference?

Does the applicant have opportunities to implement new knowledge and/or technology into appropriate market areas?