The evaluation process

Evaluation process chart
Evaluation process

The evaluation process will be completed within four months of the closing date of the Call.

The week after the close of the Call, the Programme Office at the University of Nottingham will check that your application fulfils all the eligibility criteria.

They will check that:

  • your application is complete and has all the necessary sections
  • you have an appropriate level of research experience
  • you meet the mobility requirements

If your application fails any of these checks, the Programme Office will inform you by email within five working days.

Eligible applications will be marked by two independent and impartial experts. Experts will be looking at the merits of your proposal, not acting as representatives of their employer, country or other organisation.

Proposals will be awarded points on the basis of:

  • Relevance, research and innovation quality
  • Feasibility
  • Exploitability.

See Evaluation criteria for further details.

The programme offers a high degree of flexibility in the choice of topic for your research. However you must demonstrate that it will also improve your skills, qualifications and career development, and contribute to building European competitiveness. Reviewers will take into account a wide range of criteria, such as teaching, supervision, teamwork, knowledge transfer, management of innovation and research and public awareness activities. For candidates with an industrial background, particular attention will be paid to any contributions to patents, development or inventions.

Diverse, time-consuming knowledge and qualifications (such as inter-sectorial mobility, scientific/practical management experience, etc) that have added to your career will be positively acknowledged, especially if you can show that you have contributed to enhancing industry-academic-public sector co-operation.

If there is a marked discrepancy between the two evaluations and one is over the 10-point threshold, a third evaluator will be asked for an opinion and the proposal assessed according to the majority view. Once the evaluators have completed their assessment, a summary evaluation report will be compiled by the Programme Office.

Proposals need to score a minimum of 10 points from each evaluator to be accepted for shortlisting.

Shorlisting meeting

Once all individual assessments are completed, a scientific selection panel chaired by Professor Mike Symonds will discuss all projects that meet the threshold mark. All proposals will be ranked, and formal recommendations for funding made. 

The Programme Office will inform candidates by email about the evaluation outcome together with any feedback. Successful candidates must accept their appointments within seven days.