Planning your application

The Host Organisations page gives information about organisations who have already agreed to take part in the programme.

IMPORTANT: Being listed as a PI for CASCADE-FELLOWS does not mean that a scientist can provide the 60% own contribution needed to support your fellowship if you are successful. You must contact your chosen PI with a specific research proposal and obtain specific commitment to secure the 60% additional contribution for your fellowship from an additional, non-EU funding source.

The partnership for the programme is open. You are free to work with a Host Organisation not already on the list provided you still meet the mobility criteria, they are willing and able to support your research, and they will commit to pay 60% of your Fellowship costs at the programme rate.

  • You need to register to create an account on this website before you can start an application.
  • Registration allows you access to the secure area, where you can download the programme EOI (Expression of Interest) form.
  • We suggest you use the EOI form to contact your chosen Host Organisation or PI and begin discussions about your research idea. You must develop your full application together with your Host Organisation, and make sure that your host has appropriate people, resources and funding to support your research. This will be one of the evaluation points for your application.
  • You have free and open choice of research project. It must be your project, not one dictated by your Host Organisation, although they may provide guidance on what they are able to support. You must submit your application yourself. Your Host Organisation cannot submit your application for you.

If you are unsure whether your area of research or chosen Host Organisation is eligible, please contact the Programme Office for guidance.