Submitting your application

You can only apply during the period a call is open. Your application must be written in English and must be submitted online. You must complete ALL the following sections in the Application Portal:

  • Your CV information (using the form provided)
  • Your research proposal. This includes a summary in layman's terms, information on State of the Art, objectives and proposed methodology for each, information on impact, a workplan, expected outcomes and success criteria and a dissemination and exploitation scheme
  • A description of how you feel the programme will enhance your personal and professional development, and how you will gain new knowledge and experience as a result of your proposed research
  • A completed ethics issues table. You MUST demonstrate that your research proposal respects fundamental ethical principles, including those reflected in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, 200/C 364/01
  • Two academic references
  • Any additional supporting information, including a scanned copy of your PhD
  • A list of up to five impartial subject matter experts in your chosen field
  • Before you can take up your Fellowship we will also need formal signed agreement from your chosen host organisation that they agree to host you under the terms of the programme, and to fund 60% of your fellowship costs. You may submit this at any point during the application process but are strongly encouraged to obtain a signed document as soon as possible.

You may revisit and revise your application at any time up until the final submission date for the call. However your application MUST be complete and include ALL of the above elements before you can submit. Incomplete applications will be rejected automatically.

You must use the online forms for the text of your application. You can only attach diagrams and your scanned PhD as Word or pdf documents. If you prefer to prepare your application offline first and paste your text into the form, you need to be aware that any formatting and special characters in the Word document will not carry forward into the online form. This is to protect the site from viruses or other malicious software that may be unintentionally embedded in your document.

We recommmend that you allow plenty of time to get formal written agreement from your Host Organisation, especially during holiday periods. Remember that this can sometimes take a month or more to obtain as authorised signatories are usually busy people.

You may only submit ONE application in each Call for Proposals. Multiple applications will be rejected. No late applications will be considered.